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Agile Transformation



What is Agile Transformation?

  • Agile transformation is the process of transitioning an entire organization into an agile approach, where the end result leads to cross-functional or self- organizing teams. The focus will be on customer satisfaction, reduction in processes and increased levels of internal communication and information sharing.

  • Agile transformation enables organizations to be more reactive, do more with less, and better serve the interests of their customers.

Phase 1 – Discovery

Your transformation starts with the Discovery phase. The first step is to perform an internal health and sanity check:

  • Update the organizational chart to be accurate

  • Identify current business processes: directional flow of information, interdependencies and common bottlenecks

  • Identify ongoing business initiatives and KPIs

Phase 2 – Transfom

  • Redesign Organization structure

  • Be sensitive to positions that might no longer be relevant or applicable in an agile environment

  • Small teams are established that possess the cross-functional skills to self-organize and solve problems proactively.
















Phase 3 – Normalize

  • Hire pr train In House Agile Coaches- He/she will enforce the principles and processes, ensuring that everyone understands why those changes were made, when they are supposed to happen, and what results are expected.

  • Adopt tools like JIRA and Confluence which will manage development work, and progress in a highly visible and collaborative way that reflect the Agile principles.

  • Introduce retrospective meetings to reflect on what I going well and what can be improved as a team

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